What's on my mind:
What's all this about an expensive gift? A custom item? All I wanna do is go fishing and catch some very BIG fish!
[Brick] Tadzy
Hi my name is Tadzy on here, and I have autism, but don't worry I'm still cool right? Um okay never mind.
Yup just your normal Brick-Hillian that totally doesn't have 90k value and a Halo hoard in the 40's no no.
I accept all friend request :D
Get Donator, and Ace Membership Awards - 6/20/19
Donate $19 for 2k bucks getting moms credit card and epic face - 6/21/19
Win a Radioactive Bat Helm Drawing - 8/4/19
Make 100 Friends - 8/17/19
1k Forum Post - 8/28/19
40K Value - 8/21/19
10k Average - 8/21/19
0wn 50 specials - 2/19/2020
Own 75 Specials - 4/23/2020
50k value - 4/23/2020
25k average - 5/17/2020
Get My Hand on Brick Build (My Life will never be the same) - 5/22/2020
Get Classic Award and Role on Discord - 6/18/2020
Get 50k Average - 9/20/2020
Own 100 specials (wow!) - 10/8/2020
Dream items : Ice Basil, Basil, Smooth Criminal, Blue Top Hat, B-L Fedora
Note : Please don't ask me to donate to you I won't.
Thank you and have a good day

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