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[Studi] SirAlexander
Hi, how's it going?
I'm SirAlexander!
please email if you have any issues!

Im heir hello Jazz music plays romeeee My stories

Me In the Past

(Thanks to Andy D) For finding the character of mine In the past I drew myself A snowman that took me 1 minute to make

:Nicest users:

Transmit Because he just is

Venti He gave me my items back even tho he usally never tradebacks

and me because i am BAHAHAHHAAAA

Previously known as: DavidRed234, SirAlexander, IJerusalem, Watts, Nahum, Leviticus, Constantinople, Athens, SirAlexander, Floridia, Romulus, Failtrader, Heir, Tiberius, Novus, Flobots, Quaestor, Knightly, Tsardom, Brick-Player, Deathstreak, Electric Boogaloo, RichNoob69, PitbulI, TwistSerbia, Monte .- .Ven, Austria - Hungary, SirAlexander, AlexanderVonnSchutle
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