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The blood of heroes is closer to the Lord than the ink of scholars and the prayers of the pious.
felix culpa
“Fascism means first of all defending your nation against the dangers that threaten it. It means the destruction of these dangers and the opening of a free way to life and glory for your nation.”
-Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

"Better to kill an innocent by mistake than spare an enemy by mistake." ~ Pol Pot.

"The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly
increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human being to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in “advanced” countries."
~ Theodore Kaczynski

i am eco fascist nazbol pol potist anarcho primitivist i think

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