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What's on my mind:
"Wait, How do I change my blurb?"
Hi, i'm e37, but you can call me steam user.
If you're wondering, yes, i was a furry, and yes, I'm 11.


I'm an active forumer on brick-hill, and i got 1,000 forum posts on October 19th 2021.
I got to brick-hill because I got terminated in Polytoria, i could even create another account, or use one of my alts, but i was too lazy for doing it. (I was also in the top 4 forumers on the leaderboard, my user is Dynamic)

my pet rock:
PPD Average: 10
11/11/2021: I may quit this website, and i do, ill still remember the good moments on this website, but brick-hill, imo, is getting boring.
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Join Date: 09/09/2021
Last Online: 5 days ago
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Forum Posts: 1,617
Friends: 46