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If anyone is still here, LEAVE NOW! Alex is still getting money from this website and you are supporting him.
[ARGH] Flintknock
Hi, my name is Hayden, I prefer to be called Flintknock! I tested this game out as a close friend asked me to. So far it's really fun! Although the controls are iffy, at least my avatar is looking spiffy.

Participant in the Pumpkin Carving Contest 🎃
Designed the Concept of the Brain Blast Head 🤯
Participant in the Present Design Contest 🎁
Participant in the Egg Design Contest 🥚
Winner of the Summer Building Contest 🏖️
Honorable Mention in the Halloween Art Contest 🎨
Honorable Mention in the Snowman Building Contest ⛄

I do not trade whatsoever, do not send me any. Chances are I likely will not accept so don't bother.


Previously known as: Flintknock, fleentknoc
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