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[MARIO] 1snowy
Yes, but who asked?

Welcome To My Profile. I Am 1snowy, a decently known user. I'm also a forumer, you may see me around 16:00 to 20:00 In U.K Time, on weekdays. On Weekends, I'm on a lot of time. I May Disappear Later to take a good break, I've done this already from July 2020 to October 2021.

Fun facts: I have a 2018 account, the purpose of this entire account is to replace it due to me losing it. I also have an account named "toy sow" its existence was to be a troll account. It didn't really troll anybody, but its name is inspired from a character from "The Adventures Of Captain Underpants" Mr Krupp saying something that sounded like "toy sow" to me.

Another Fact: The farthest I got with posts before my sudden disappearance in 2020 was 5k posts I think. but I don't have any proof to back that up.

1k - Reached
2k - Reached
3k - Reached
4k - Reached
5k - Reached
6k - Reached
7k - Reached
8k - Not Reached
9k - Not Reached
10k - Not Reached (Current Goal)
11k - Not Reached

Random Quotes:

[NOTE! these users may have changed their usernames at this time. If you want to find these users, ask the off-topic forum as I am sure someone can help you there.]

"i hate my life" - ofg
"Blame Nycto" - Nycto
"search HL in the catalog and buy all the shirts you see" - Highlander
"ok" - GarGlade
"we need a toe reveal 😩" - 10dough
"I get all the girls" - brick-abdullah
"stop being a women" - XXRoryXX
"Switzerland" - 7890
"How to make a thumbnail" - Happy Mexican Business Man
"u smell bad" - 1snowy
"gacha life sucks" - Happy Mexican Business Man
"" - Lahore
"useless facts #9: this is in somebodys bio somewhere on brick hill" - CroppedRubbish
"derpdudes husband is solaire of astora" - derpdude
"Progam is cool" - program
"yazooonawad is a good game developer and you should play his game 24 hours every day 36 days every year" - yazooonawad
"1snowy is cool" - AX3L
"i ate electrical tape" - TSUKICHAN
"I am super cool" - hexx

Below this is my past usernames. "TheCommunity2" was such a horrible name I HAD to change it, then it ended up being "Earshot", I don't remember that period very well, and I changed very fast to 1snowy, aka my current name when I'm making this.

Previously known as: TheCommunity2, earshot
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