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What's on my mind:
[P00R] CroppedRubbish
now loading readme.txt
hi im cropped.
formerly known as cropped.
i accept basically almost all friend requests.
active forumer. current goal: 2500
accomplished goals: 32, 50, 100, 150, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500
feel free 2 message me, everything except my bits, forum posts and friends = 0
i have 3 other accounts. CroppedRubbish_, rpi, ForumsToday, and expertvillage.
i own a top hat. the cheapest one because i have 100 bits, what would you expect?
i am a weirdo. i dip crackers in milk.
one time i traded with me and got free donuts.
my favorite song is feels like we only go backwards.
owner of the 1275th blue headphones.
my old avatar sucks.
sometimes i post stupid things on the forums.
things i like:
- retro things
- gam e
- sugary things
- sethbling
things i hate:
- friday night funkin (reasons.txt)
i only do borrows.
i update this blurb randomly to add a few things
shoutouts to 7890 for introducing me to brick hill
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