What's on my mind:
It's been a good run.
Praise Ceiling Cat, yu be watchin us, yu can has cheezburger. Wut yu want, yu gets, srsly. In celling and on teh floor. Giv us dis day our dalee cheezburger. And furgiv us for makin yu a cookie, but eateding it. And we furgiv ween catz steel our cookiez. An do not let us leed into teh showa, but deliver us from teh wawter. Ceiling Cat pwns all. He pwns teh ceiling and teh floors and walls too. Forevur and evuhr. Amen.

Previously known as: Mekanou, you just lost The Game, Mekanou, you just lost The Gane, you just lost The Game, Mekanou, U.N., Mekanou, Megumu, sneed feed and seed, icing on the cake, dustbowl75, [Deleted408124]
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