What's on my mind:
quinnard dance
[NO21] Korn Shrine
my name is korn shrine

that is all you need to know about me

discord: sirkaotik#9331

minecrft server: 2grief4fun.aternos.me

mixtape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBB6Kb5b74g


-i won t-j's 50 buck giveaway


this user is banned

i hate 2021ers

Hi I am Derek Bum, say Goodbye to daily stains and dirty services with new Kitchen Gun. This sink is filthy, but just three shots from Kitchen Gun... BANG BANG BANG and it sparkles like neeeeew. Look at how it cleans this greasy herd. BANG BANG BANG GOODBYE DIRT Grubby tiles... BANG BANG BANG I LOVE YOU KITCHEN GUN, smoch Rusty tabs! BANG BANG BANG AHAHAHAHAHA You can even use it on the washing up! BANG BANG BANG There, all clean aagaaain! NEW KITCHEN GUN Now with laser sights and night vision for after dark cleaning!!

What's up world? Yeah, you! I'm Travis Scott, this is my McDonald's order. Follow me! There's my Quarter Pounderâ„¢ with lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, and bacon. (Yeah!) Here's my fries. Sometimes, I do this... then I dip them into barbecue sauce. Oh yeah, and my Sprite. Same order since back in Houston. You could try it too. Gotta go! The Travis Scott meal, just $6. Say Cactus Jack sent you.
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