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Hi there, I'm Grim Glow! I play ROBLOX clones and this Is why I'm here! I also came from KonekoKitten!

I trade, and sometimes sell!

Forumer as well, hit 10k on an alternate, was terminated at the time..

I'm stupid at times

I'm trying to beat QQT in name changes, so expect begging, sorry!

Also, I'm stupid!


I'm also a Muslim who lives In England!

I've been here for 9 months!!! Nearly 1 year!

Also proffessional money waster!!!!

I'm pretty much dead everytime I log on, foruming drains out EVERYTHING.

I swear sometimes, sorry!!



8BitKitten (750 bucks!!!)

Meat Sauce (1k bucks!!!)


Payens (Sad Trash Bag!!!)

Manay (Flamingo, my first special!!!)

Here are my socials If you care:

Discord: Zain#2218

YouTube: Bunnier, Zain

Twitter: @BunnierHere

Twitch: Bunn13r

ROBLOX: ZainMalikHussain, SparkledBunny

I've been Terminated twice! Both for the same reason-ish...

I hope to not be terminated again! I need to get the moderator position, If that's possible!

I'm trying to make a game, will It work out? No not likely!

First account here got deleted, well Terminated, but I requested a name wipe...

720 friends at the time of updating and 8,680 posts! With 0 visits..

I don't stream, but I might!

If you have fan art DM me! I feature It here! And sometimes on my channel!

Fan Art:

Have a good day Brick-Hillians who are viewing this!!

PS, my only account that I use to this date Is Planning! Trust no other user!

Previously known as: Grim Glow, Subhan, Zain_, spamming funky, Periods, Grim Glow, Bollywood, brick-zain, Orleans, asdkamdaskjmdfkfjafjaafj, Zainn
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