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[Boi] Spoons
Hello, my name is Spoons. I am the guy who does stupid shit sometimes but hey people still find me cool so that's all good. I am an American aged 16. I love this platform and community and I guess that's why I am still here. Anyways if you're new on the website I hope you enjoy your time here. You won't regret it.

1. I am a known user in my opinion. Older users may remember me like a toxic piece of shit while newer users see me as someone just here to vibe I guess.
2. Known to write long forum posts lol.
3. I love the Root Beer brand called "Barq's."
4. I have somewhat a good memory.
5. Joined Brick Hill on April 2018 on a other account.
6. I love making new friends but I don't accept random requests unless I at least talked to you for a bit. No guarantees though.
7. I regret my past. Please I ask you if you remember my wrongdoings please don't remind me of my past since I am very disappointed at myself for the things I have done. I can't rewind the past.

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Previously known as: Wait, Tox, Worth 250 Bucks, Spoons, MP4.
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