What's on my mind:
Wont be online till May 9th, bye
Hello, my name is 9so.

Discord account is Ennomy #0990

Roblox account is Ennomy.

MAL account is Onies

Brick-Hill account is 9so

If you want me to draw you, pls ask, I would gladly do it.

You can message me, I always check them and message back.

I accept all friend request now.

1,000 forum posts on 4/11/2021

I feel like my demon bh outfit is kind of edgy, so I sometimes put on extended eyes to avoid that a bit

Favorite anime
1. Gurren Lagann
2. Fate/Zero
3. Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel III. Spring Song

Favorite Manga
1. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Light Novel)
2. Kaguya-Sama
3. Domestic na Kanojo
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