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So basically what happened...I woke up one morning just like any other day. I was really hungry and I was running kind of late so for breakfast I had beans, broccoli and leftover chicken tacos that we had for dinner the night before. It tasted a bit strange but I ate it all rather quickly anyway since I was so hungry. Then for lunch I had a large egg/bacon burrito as well as some caesar salad. After lunch, I was in history class and my stomach started making loud, grumbling and whining noises. I was having extremely bad cramps, and I was sweating really bad. I asked the teacher to go, but he said no.

So anyway, I was sitting there, trying to think of some happy thoughts until class was over. Then I felt a large stabbing pain in my abdomen and before I knew it, I had crapped in my pants. A pestilent stench rose around my seat as diarrhea spilled out of my rectum. I felt the warm, wet diarrhea fill my underwear and it began dripping down my legs into my socks. My legs felt very slippery and to the point where my shorts were sliding down my legs. My underwear was so overwhelmed with the weight of the diarrhea that it dropped into my chair

I stood up and took my underwear, shorts and shoes off and tried to make it to the door. As I stood up, I let out a HUGE, deafening fart and poop came rocketing out of my butt. Diarrhea and loose poop had literally covered a good 1/5 of the classroom floor by this point. I stood at my desk for a good 2 minutes crapping myself. The smell was so bad that another guy ran over to the garbage can and threw up. Everyone began salvaging their belongings and moved to the very back of the classroom with their shirts over their noses.

I let out another huge fart and more poop spilled out. Chunks of poop spattered the desks behind me and covered a girl's knapsack and binder. Chunks of beans and chicken floated around in the massive puddle of brown diarrhea.

I felt a massive hot flash and my shirt was soaked from sweat so I took it off. I was bare naked by this point. I tried running over to the door and tripped on the floor as more diarrhea spilled out of my butt. My entire bottom half of my body was brown from the poop. I then left a muddy trail as I stumbled all the way to the door, still pooping myself. By this time, the teacher had called the nurse to come and get me.

I tried opening the door but I had no strength left so I collapsed to the floor. As my body slid down the door, a huge grumbling feeling occurred in my stomach. I then let out huge farts and more diarrhea came rocketing out of my body, covering the walls and all. Explosive diarrhea came out of my butt like fireworks, all over the desks and walls. Green chunks exploded out of my butt, then yellow, then brown, then green again and so on.

Nobody could evacuate the class because the floor in front of the door was covered in my diarrhea. I heard everybody laughing at me and I started crying.. Even the teacher was laughing at me! The nurse came up and opened the door for me and helped me off the floor. As she helped me up, more diarrhea came out. It was all watery and multicolored, and it got all over the nurse as well. Other classes nearby had heard the racket so they opened up their doors and started making fun of me.

My mom couldn't pick me up from school because of work so I had to ride home in a cab, naked. My clothes were all dirty and there were no clothes that I could change into. I'm honestly really scared about going back to school tomorrow. Everybody is going to make fun of me. Is there still hope for me? I'm fairly new to this school, so does this pretty much thwart my chances of making friends and getting a girlfriend? Will girls like me after this? I really need to know. I am crying right now as I type this. Please help!
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