What's on my mind:
the The Glorious Soviet Union is over its sad to see a well group go RIP
[Hello] Hello_MaxBrother
hey, I am max I am one of the HR of The Glorious Soviet Union, The Glorious Soviet Union is the first ongoing military groups in brick hill we have training every day and more people join us and we are making it to the top and I am proud for our group [i accept all friend requests] [THE END] :-]
[discord] Mr.Hello_MaxBrother#5952
[discord channel]https://discord.gg/caBbQWB
I am starting to make good clothes because making brick hill games are so hard
[Blood Flow Bots]
people have been saying I am affiliated with the Blood Flow Bots I am not I am just a scripter which does it because Manager Blood Flow is my friend I am not apart of that group so don't think I am
I am using the Blood Flow Bots to get bits and bucks shhhhhhhh don't tell Lord Blow Flow or Manager Blood Flow
Sub to me on YOUTUBE [Name] Hello_maxbrother [Link]https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfLchLfLXXSw4UJeiTaBiz
I am looking for new ideas for vids for youtube on brick hill if you have any idea please Message me on brick hill
[BANNED ROBLOX ACC]hello_maxbrother
[PASSWORD OF ACC]HA like I am gonna say
UwU i love hentai UwU
i am sempai UwU
i am a vargine UwU
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