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[2008] 2008

•Hello, I'm 2008 or Clippy! I'm current Brick Hill Moderator, message me if you have any questions
(-Some info-)
I have been making and hosting some games here in 2021!
I also love do graphic design, and 3d modeling.
Have been modeling some items for fun before, most known is "ice bok" which I made in 2019
I do own a basil bat helm (nft) and blue top hat (nft), If you have any questions, message me! Plus I accept all friend requests
(Current Brick hill value): +380,000 (40th richest user)
Own every Party Crown

Hoping to become an Programer or a 3d designer, i don't mind talking with people here!
Discord: Clippy#0626

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCbDUzASV8Xk8SLthiIfBKKw
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