Spooky new trick-or-treat items will be arriving in Cavite Town on Monday! Go to https://brick-hill.com/events to learn more!
What's on my mind:
brick jill halloween is neat
I like to make alot of builds and some of them got hosted, but i do showcase them on my yout too if they're not hosted
here's my yout: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqVJuqN7hIzzucAXyj5z6w?
I don't beg for subs or views tho cuz i don't care that much but if you like it do whatever u want
Currently a Developer for Paradox, Team Eclipse and a Brick Hill Client tester
Potato President of Potato Gang
The muglord is cool
Sprout inc Leader is my friend
I don't accept friend request's that much so don't expect me to accept your request
But I'm also craving for something in my inbox sooooo pls send me something I'm bored as hell
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