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day 22
[yasin] yasin
i'm a 15 year old moderator, hoarder, sometimes forumer, and active discord user.
message me if you want to trade or if you have any issues regarding the site.
please do not message me about ban appeals, email help@brick-hill.com for those.


i'm a big one piece fan and spider gang fan, so talk to me about those things if you want (im on episode 901 of one piece)

Q:are you turkish
A:a little
That is the only frequently asked question.

My highest value of my own items was 102k


people who donated:
reserved (didnt donate but bought my items)
muke: gave #1 muke crown
zetsuki: gave #24 blockula cape and party crown stack
535: gave #35 crimson wizard and a swag buddy
Rags and Looaf: gave party crown stack
Weed King: gave 2x dreads
postforum: donated 571 in RAP smalls
Rstf: 5k ish in smalls
Thanks all of you. I appreciate everyone who doesn't make being a moderator hard

---best art on earth---





















https://sketchtoy.com/69405337 by 1o7

http://sketchtoy.com/69405906 by LittleBigPlanet

http://sketchtoy.com/69431359 by Fuzzing

https://sketchtoy.com/69946662 by U30

-----Inspirational quotes-----
6xi says "i love cheese"
Brandon says "fuck 2020'ers lol"
Sh_xr says "yasin read dms fast"
Hulex says "terminate yasin please"
Madisyn says "yasin is awesome"
Pickaxe_minecraft3 says "I love Minecraft"
ThatNewCoolGuy says "i love being cool"
Flavour says "I have replied"
1Nator says "currently existing"
Nycto says "I will drink water then die"
Bonked says "hey yasin."
chase you says "hope frankenstein is having a good time in jamaica"
Bunny girl says "yes am a idiot"
10k Club says "Good moderator 10/10!"
ClutchPowers says "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Troxx says "I WANT CHICKEN"
Cramorant says "yasin is okay"
Alcoholic Father says "I'm the best father ever."
MalaysianSulthan says "Perlis flag is upside down Ukraine"
Serial Killer says "i am the most ironic person to be on it"
rice is epic says "eat rice dumbasses"
Goofycandybonnie says "please add me or ill cry"
Jilo says "yessss ok"
rivers from weezer says "OH WE OH I LOOK JUST LIKE BUDDY HOLLY"
Redsonic says "#banredsonic"
90krains says "all staff members are cool!"
GraniteNPC says "Miencraft"
qwerty009001234421 says "Phantom Forces is poggers"
Nycto says "B R E A D"
EliteRex says "Give me bucks."
bdo says "Z0MG"
p-0 says "yasin? more like yablessed"
bdo says "LegoStud is a very cool guy who you should add and buy his stuff"
Jilo says "Why are we all fat"
Serial Killer says "this blurb is immature, disgraceful, unprofessional and more"
rivers from weezer says "join the weezer clan"
PeterGriffen says "Lois is leaving me."
Redsonic says "#redsonicformod"
cvi says "bring back twitch brick, its a cool item yeyeyeyeyeyey"
Sh_xr says "this man told me i was cappin"
Graphy says "oh hello there!"
Zukie says "zukie be funy"
ponce says "who cares"
Gameing Mike says "#fireyasin"
a latin word says "reaper hood is cool"
papanonon says "I wan't to work for brick hill"
Compass says "ok yasin"
megabrain says "megabrain is a retard"
ribena says "drink ribena"
dudexdd says "bababooey"
Kqpa says "imagine existing"
1o7 says "i want, btw hello good man yasin!"
loxxe says something stupid
Xpr6 says "little piggy pig is the best song"
HappyBloxxer222 says "give me bucks pls"
Ethanosp says "ummm suuree"
Kaydoom says "I said the n word and said black people"
Mikoto Asuka says "yasin likes the n word"
t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m says "Terminate Thiqq before Christmas"
rowbot says "hihihihihihihihih hi"
The 2 Month Ban says "Yasin = Yasin"
CUS says "CUS Is Cute"
Hogs says "yasin more like zazin"
Ultr4 says "Oh kool ."
Anarchi says "megathread maker"
LegoStud says "buy my merch and send me friend requests"
Mikoto Asuka says "can i be on here twice"
YourNameIsRabbit says "yasin is a monkey"
Charism says "soy sauce"
Autokid311 says "Hey yasin you banned me remember?"
Thiqq says "dont skip me this time ;-;"
Flavour says "omg i replied"
Jr says "my favorite color is blue or red"
Cards says "why were you the dog from Naruto?"
rice is epic says some shit I ain't reading
1Nator says "still existing, nothings changed"
Kasadus says "Very good mod"
Lemur says "pick meee"
D95 says "i am in yasins blurb"
SaturnShine says "EEEEEEEEEE"
BrickGod says "The hell? 'God."
Jeff Bezos says "Damn man, this is actually going to be on TV?"
0xe says "Please mod dont ban me plss"
Juwlix says "Random message"
Payens says "Payens is cool"
ChanTsukin says "IM TSUKICHAN"
Cinemark says "i love malls"
Gesuto1252 says "Everybldy Hates Yasiiiin!"

i have many name changes, but i will only ever be known as yasin.


Previously known as: yasin, xxyasinpoopmasterxx, yasin, chunk hater, yasin, rasin, yasin, zazin, yasin, YASINWONTKEEPHISITEMS, yasin, bangIa, yasin, spookyasin, yasin, akamaru, dvrkie, yasin, spider gang, yasin, airpod shotty, yasin, dvrk, yasin, Xx_yasin_xX, tl-_-tl, yasin, edgebug, yasin, cubensis, brahman, yasin, ego death, knup, gerk, gunday, DILLINGER, yasin, pged by yasin, beamed by yasin, La Taupe, yasin, dogwater, yasin, beamy, baryon, r slur, yasin, yasinpoop69, salam alaikum, yasin, eefalopadoopagin, bawl, kinoko komori, slim shady69, eefalopadoopagin, mugiwara, yasin, yeller, crmsyn, paramecia, logia, zoan, yasin, brahman, ya sheen face -_-, yasin, dropemoff, yasin, yasopp, yasin, wormax
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