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[idot] Marcel
Hello, my name is Marcel. And, welcome to my profile!

I accept all friend requests, so feel free to send me some!

Value = 1,295
R.I.P Profile views.

First Special:
Patchwork Scarecrow ( #3 Of #140 ) When did I get this item: 23/05/2019.

Brick Hill Swearing.
Lots of Brick-Hill players swear or say bad things to each other, discovered at (nearly) the start of Brick-Hill, Admins do something to help these players to live in peace, Maybe add hashtags like ROBLOX did, or something else to help, all of you reading this, thanks.

1,2,3 and 4 round down. 5,6,7,8 and 9 round up.

Specials that i have owned/own :
1. No3 Patchwork Scarecrow.
2. No75 Dairy Milk.
3. No268 Mars Ranger.
4. No99 Antlers.
5. No43 Spooky Jester's Cap.
6. No153 Ghastly Scythe.
7. No81 Ghastly Scythe.
8. No78 Dairy Splash.
9.No102 Dairy Splash.
10. No161 Patriotic Buddy.
11. No163 Patriotic Buddy.
12. No37 Antlers.
13. No40 Striped Party Hat.
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