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Gift Card
Hello, I am Gift Card. An average OTer that likes to have fun, also a trader. I'd say my specials are garbage, but I am too lazy to buy bucks to buy specials. I like to draw, make clothes, invest all of my money on doge coin, and stuff that are similar to that. Too bad I only have 8 real internet friends, while all of my other internet friends are just fake friends, but I am still kind to them.

Favorite hobbies are: Coding.

So yeah, that's it.
Also, Helltaker got an update. :O

some quotes from 2019

“It was made in heaven.” - Sir Luminati

“Searstown yes” - Cinemark

“Friends are a luxury we can’t afford” - Fired Bloxy

“i want Gift Card” - FakeRed

“Yeah do it” - Oaknut

“Ocean man man man” - Vague

“Ocean man man man” - Vague



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Previously known as: Gift Card, Modeus, Gift Card, Pop Team Epic
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