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billy grant
Hi, my name is billy grant!

I'm a friendly guy who likes talking to others and being active.

I've been playing Brick Hill for a year now and I must say, this community is really strong!

I accept all messages and will help anyone who is in need of assistance.

Please know that I do not accept friend requests as I only want the people in my friends list to be the people who I know in person and have a good friendship with.

I have two alternate accounts which I use frequently, I also accept all friend requests there which is pretty neat if you want to sometimes play with me when I'm online.

Primary Alt: if you like pina coladas
Secondary Alt: do you like pina coladas

I'm very busy with real life stuff so sorry if I'm not able to read your messages or accept your friend requests on those alt accounts.

I also have a discord account which I use from time to time: vendetta#0730
This may change however so don't be afraid to message me for my new account name and tag.

I'm an intermediate builder and a horrible scripter lol.

That's all for now folks, Keep calm and build on!
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