What's on my mind:
hey, wanna i tell you a secret? QUIET PEOPLE PISS ME OFF- susie
Hello future brick-hillians. I am BrookyTheTixGirl. this is my desc
How i can call you : Brooky, ticketgirl.
Can you make me clothes: Yes, it will cost 1,2 or 3 bits. Depends of the clothes type.
Do you do Event Clothes: Yes, i do every (most) event clothes.
Can you donate me: It depends of how bits i have (i prefer bits rather than bucks). What is my favourite colour : Purple.
What is my favourite game : UNDERTALE and FNAF.
What i do after giving you 1/2/3 bits: no, first PM me about it, then give me the bits.
Are you a scammer : no. if you don't liked your clothes i'll give you a full refund.

I am too called Santhic. (SANS+ NATHIC = SANTHIC) (santhic is sans name on FX-tale)
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