What's on my mind:
for those who bought the gift: https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread/1210909
hello, im sixbane
anyone claiming to be me is a fool, idiot and non-furry (ofcourse that describes me but still)
secretly a very-popular-well-known-guy
(when i say guy i dont mean guy)
english is not my first language so bare with me while i struggle to understand you
yes, i am that artist

===Roleplay Info===

Hi, my name is Kuro Sakiama. I am a 19-year-old high school senior who has a big dream to becoming a scientist. I mainly study the human body and how life works. My sister, Aakima Sakiama thinks that being a teacher would be a better job for me. I also enjoy drawing furries, my little sister AAkima has interest in drawing plants and scenery, she doesn't mainly sketch but she does like to paint. My mom and dad is named Ena Sakiama + Hachiro Sakiama. That's it folks!

Previously known as: Cara, hoodwink, Temptress, Charism, malwares, Zacharie, frappuccino
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