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angry birds is stupid
[MAFIA] aliases
Hi I am aliases, please call me Mark!
( zoom to 25% to see the full drawings )
Drawings i made:
Yasin: Saturday/August 7th/2021ㅤㅤ
Yasin ( again ): Tuesday/August 17th/2021
Yasin ( again 3rd time): Wednesday/August 18th/2021
Ukensai: Saturday/August 7th/2021
IcyGlimpse: Saturday/August 7th/2021
earmuffs: Saturday/August 7th/2021
V0id1sm: Saturday/August 7th/2021
Bandywhistle: Monday/August 9th/2021
Aliases (me): Tuesday/August 17th/2021
KSQ: Wednesday/August 18th/2021
Stanima ( +bandywhistle ): Thursday/August 19th/2021
Tomandjerry001: Thursday/August 19th/2021
Genava Convention: Saturday/August 21st/2021

"grass grows" - ???

"Fun fact: im so cool cause i have cool" -???

"Put in your blurb" - !!!


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