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ethos is nice

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Hi im abyssinian

•I do not trade back. Be cautious with what you send.
•I am declining ALL custom specials. Please stop sending me them, thank you.
•If I am sent free items on accident, I will return them if you ask.
•If I don’t like the offer you send, I try to negotiate a new offer with you.
•If you do somehow convince me to trade back (which I probably won’t ever do), any bucks I got from the trade will be returned. (If I am sent 10 bucks, I’ll send back 10, but tax might have an effect on the sum of bucks returned).

I used to be a very active OT’er who would trashpost a lot, now I have moved on. I still forum.

I also am an active trader, please send trades. Declining bad trades. Do not waste your time.

Need trading advice? I read any messages regarding trades, so I can hand out advice if you need some.

I would have kept the gamers list from months ago, but everyone who’s nice gets a spot on it!

I might bring back my old blurb as that is what people know my profile for having: a relatively long blurb.

I do read all my messages, and try to respond to most of them.
I-im shy (/▽\) >︿<
Yes my brick hill character is a girl

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