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right foot creep
[ARG] disown
Hey there,

I'm Grim Glow, I forum, literally it actually. I did try trading but ended that career with a good 11k then got scammed, but we came back and then terminated, again, 3rd time I think? 2nd time was just uncalled for to be completely honest.

I'm not that interesting and probably very boring, I do make YouTube Videos, they aren't good, like they are horrible but I need a new PC and when I get that, you will see some real good things

I joined this because of YouTube and Friends, but really wouldn't be here otherwise.

I'm also on Polytoria.

I occasionally take part in drama, that is if i'm online.

I hope to be a goody two shoes, so brick-hill, do not ban me 🤞🖖🤘

Previously known as: BrickBuilder24432
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