What's on my mind:
My iq is actually grahams number so if you try to argue with me i will just hack into the console of the matrix and make you automatically lose by mind control or something idk i'll be creative with it >:)

hello, my name is brandon and i'm quite surprised you actually took the time to read this, here's some random facts about me: i'm from the usa. i'm 14 and terrible at making jokes but i do it anyways. cats > dogs
brick hill should add some coding like roblox has cause i like doing that and ill probably make a sex game or something
okay be happy cause i have experience with it and it's much more preferable over being sad, trust me

btw im straight dont mind anything below this

i bought dead face becuase i am gay

"brandon is so awesome hes quirky and cute" - Luminato

ogm i got a compliment O_O
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