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[NS] Andrew Snipes
I miss my old friends, most of the people I know on the site don't know that I exist anymore. Persons said I was decent, I respect that because nobody is perfect, got good friends and met many annoying people. Was on trading for some good months, but gave up. I gave up too much times on my life, I REGRET IT. You, reading this, never give up, do whatever you want to do on your life, because, some day, it will be too late. I wish my old friends could still recognise me, but well, this is called life. Some of my friends changed, some of my friends turned left, I always walked straight. But Im still proud of having friends that are still big friends of mine. I wish I could've turned left or right, but I think that the friends that I still have, wouldn't be my friends. Well, I quitted for a long time, did a break, we all need a break sometimes, remember to be yourself, and never try to be trendy or something just to get friends, the true friends, will be your friends, if you are your true self.

Stay chill.

- Andrew
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