What's on my mind:
Gonna try and get a bunch of items for cool outfits.
Just a random dude who for some reason spends his spare time roaming around the brick-hill plains, searching for excitement and adventure along his (so far) rather average journey.

I accept all friend requests so please feel free to send one.

I post on the forums every here and there, but not often, and usually only on stuff that interests me.

I do sell t-shirts btw, check 'em out.

1st forum post on 11/3/19
50th forum post on 12/26/19
100th forum post on 1/26/20 (weird coincidence I know)
250th post on 3/17/20
500th post on 4/13/20

Current AP of all of my items combined is around 320-350.

OG owner of Skull Mask #4110.
OG owner of Skull Mask #4719 (Traded over from my alt, The Phoenix.)
OG owner of Flamingo Hat #258
OG owner of Party Rock #211 and #284
OG owner of Maxed Out Shades #205


The first 3 people who friended me (Besides Dysphoria and Space) were Sears, brick-scott (rip), and Foxel (come back! It's me flamin btw).

Got 69 friends on 4/10/20
Got 100 friends on 5/2/20

Part of the minority of 2019'ers who didn't join through ROBLOX youtube.

Will trade here and there, but not often. Will only do tradebacks in case of a no-item/low price for high price missend, so look at your trades very closely before you send to me.

I will never put chainmail on my blurb. Enough said.
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