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Can't believe I missed new years on here
[MILK] v0id1sm
Hello! I'm the Jade Jokester!

I develop games here on brick-hill with one of my most notable games being Survive the Random Disasters!!!

I am one of 151756 users who joined in the year 2019!

My fool's money bags are not for trade as they are my favorite item so please do not try and trade for one of mine. As of me typing this, I have the most of the item 'Fool's money bag' ( I have 5 right now! )

My pronouns are he/him (saying this because some people have called me an it and while I am fine with 'they/them' pronouns 'it' just sounds weird)

If my games are not hosted, I am likely either asleep, banned or doing schoolwork because at all those times I either don't have access to the site and because of that, my games get taken off automatically.

I no longer donate since the membership payment system was changed and thus I normally do not have the bucks to actually donate most of the time.

Like a lot of users, I do not accept friend requests from everyone and only allow a few people. While the friends limit is 2147483647 which I doubt anyone will ever reach, I still like to keep my friends low, plus I have 300 requests at the time of writing this and it would be unfair to friend just one random person.

Names that you can call me are void (v0id1sm), jade (JadeJokester) or Coco (my actual name)

I am NOT a femboy so please stop calling me that as it is annoying.


Previously known as: CocoElements, v0id1sm, neko_chan, v0id1sm, JadeJester, JadeJokester
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