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Send me a trade if you own Snake Eyes [Dice]
[cooI] Reject
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I check trades when ever i log in which is usually once every 1-7 days
i only log in because i dont need vpn to log in here
Send me a trade if you own the Snake Eyes item!
Original owner of radioactive basil traded it this month


Dont go🚪
Not worth it 😢
Not worth the loss📉
Not worth the time spent we had 🕐
Not worth long term 🔕
Oh. You wanted to stay? 🧸
Let’s play 😉

*drops* 🔪
Ok, free 5k win. Accept that! 📈
Oh, its halloween!🎃
Lets forget it exists. ❄️
Turned all my enemies into allies🕶
Flipped a water bottle like that 💦
Right, free flip. 🎲
Who said you couldn’t win? Just play again! 🎳
Let’s goto sleep now🧸
You’ll always be my 🤒
Always feel affection ❤️
*wakes up*

What happened? Was it a dream?🥺
Will I ever see her.. 💔
again? 🧸
Oh. She with me 🥰
*hugs gently*
Always here to protect and serve you! ^_^
*drops* 🎤

I get out 📲
I stay out📥
*runs, takes her with me* ❄️
Such a terrible place that was 🗡
In her luxury car 🛤
*vroom vroom!*🛫
Out here. Traveling this legoland
The company ripped our time, energy and money off 📉
Feelin backstabbed😢
*Ouch, that’s a waste of time.*
*Hope you can recover.*
I continue spending time here, what better i got?
*Look at (how) Perfect! (she is, only trying to help)*
Well paying job? I’m outta here!

I check all trades if I like your trade I will a/c or message you if I don't like it I leave it outbound or decline.
wtf did i paste
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