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I was banned unfairly, as have many others. But in this moment, I am here.
[Agent] [Deleted1156]
Hey, I’m fighterfist! I’m a brick saint and tester for the new brick-hill client, but you might know me better from the brick-hill discord, where I often dwell. :)

I’m a skinny straight white male, but if you don’t share these characteristics, I’ll still accept and support you! I like to make clothing, draw original characters, and donate to the economically challenged brick-hill users once in a while. If you have any questions, about pretty much anything, just send me a dm and I’ll try my best to respond. I accept all friend requests, so don’t forget to bring those this way too. Oh and uh my Cyclops isn’t for trade. Sorry. I don’t really trade often because I’m an absolute hoarder, when it comes to letting go of things, but for my duplicates, you may find a slightly easier time. I’m really interested in studying Egyptian and Greek Mythology, as well as acting in theatre.

I've designed 6 uploaded items- Candy Apple, Halloween Wolf Beanie, Ceasar's Knives, Visage of the Sphinx, Wooded Warrior Helm, and 2017 Banner Shades!

Good bibble my shibble
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