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wassup loss

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15th idiot to reach 10K

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1000-August 5
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9000- August 21
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11000- September 5
12000- September 10

first good user to reach 10K

(dont get offended pls)

ill accept your stoopid friend requests

I've sniped 191,000th thread so cool

take a look at this fucker right here, its an abomination, i hate it. How did anyone think this was a good idea for an emoji? The point of emojis is to show emotion, well what emotion does this show? Do you just wake up in the morning and think, WOW i sure do feel like a massive fucking stone today! It provokes me whenever i see it, it mocks me with its smug visage. What i really wanna do is drive down to the emoji headquarters, find the computer that hosts this specific emoji 🗿 and light it on fire! I'd like to push it off a cliff and watch it shatter into itty bitty pieces. And people just comment with it, as if its funny, its not. Oh wow, a stone head im so fucking hilarious and original. I'll use it in every comment i post, NO, Stop it! Why does it have to be so goddamn smug? You're a fucking stone you have no goals, you will never accomplish anything in life apart from pissing me off! Moyai, more like go die! Fucker.
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