What's on my mind:
You :)
It is I
The queen of floofs
The floofiest of them all
Im this Vaporeon in the forums, so I'm basically useless unless I'm kind enough to give donations.
I'm interested in Insects, for some reason.
I'm a Legend of Zelda fan.
I attempt speedruns, but I usually use speedrun techniques to beat a game.
Usually on the forums at 3:00PM Arizona Time.
My two favorite cats: Salomi & Marshmellow
Don't be afraid to friend me, I'll accept any request!
I don't really care about trades, but send some anyway.
You'll find me at Off Topic, go say hi!
I reached my goal of 10k at November 2nd!
If you drop soap, is it clean or dirty?
Jay worst Pokemon character haha

Previously known as: A Vaporeon Appeared, Shiny Vaporeon, fluf, Khuzaymah, Ryujin, fluf, Koi-Fish
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