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pajaro hi i’m pajaro

Bane First person with Royal. Feels good.
Currently the richest person on Brick Hill.
I currently own every purchasable non-user made item.


Zajek Hi, I'm Zajek. I am a war group leader from BloxCity!


marko 24/7 gay programmer

PickleTickler Hi, I tickle pickles.
Space is nice.

Oh.Noes Oh No


Jason brick-hill+1724de

hi person

this is my new description now

Dimentio bepis

Keanu73 I'm Keanu73, a computing geek.
Keanu is my only alt as of now.
Discord: Keanu73#2193
ROBLOX: Keanu73
Everywhere: Keanu73 (obviously)

Connor Hello, I'm Connor.
I'm a classic Brick-Hill user, ID 87!
I play a variety of games.

First map -

1337 The Elite of Brick Hill

My name is 1337

I'm a Bug Hunter and I'm sometimes on the forums

[Beta Tester]

Niall Hi, I'm Niall.

I respond to all my messages.
You're more likely to reach me on Discord.

John my deepest condolences to Mooshimity

Nelots I've always been bad at making blurbs.. what is worth mentioning? Hmm, I was the 5th user to obtain the Saint Brick, I've been here since the beta, and I'm active on the forums. That's about it.

therockafire Hi, I'm therockafire. My new account is Mechagodzilla (the account I've been using for over 7 months). This account is NOT for sale, k -


ekosi Hi.
I log onto here occasionally.
I accept all friend requests!

John Doe I'm John Doe and I'm anonymous.

Hello [Content Removed]

Dingus Send me trades, I always accept / counter

Beta tester √

Forumer √

Builder √

Baller √

TheLivingBee Hi There! I am the 97th user of Brick-Hill. What about you?

beta.test Heya, I'm beta.test.

I am the founder & owner of Bitsurf, the only legitimate service that provides free currency to the users of Brick Hill.

One of the top 100 richest users, former 3rd richest user (2017).

iagoMAO Hey there.
I am iagoMAO.
I am the keeper of the 99 id-snipe.

Discord tag: MAO#6808

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