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BDQJP I diagnose you with el cancer testicular


Matt si me gusta mucho



Patrick Hi, I'm Patrick! If you have a question, any question, message me or tweet me at @8BITBLOXYT and perhaps follow me. I always read messages and tweets. Btw I'm a forumer.

1. Beta User
2. 6th Donator
3. Game developer (LUA)

stan syscom ii


Cloth so I feel pretty sad about the juice I dropped earlier

ratatooie Hello myself
Hello myself
Haven't we met before?

hi, im ratatooie

YouTube Channel:

I am a YouTuber and a forumer here on Brick Hill, and I’ve been here since beta testing so if you have any questions about that time, you can ask me.

Some achievements:
Got Brick Saint Badge
Over 1k visits in my games
Get in beta testing
Was #1 forumer for a while
Collected all Bricks on the shop (1/16/2019)

Kyle Hey there, I'm Kyle, your friendly Brick Hill neighbor.

Have any questions? Feel free to message me!

Formerly Head of Customer Support and member of Social Media team

City epic gamer

egg Hello I'm egg

i dont bite, send me a fr


-->blocky (Donated him my sword)
-->cameron (Donated 10 bucks)

Hi, I'm Youngy
I'm a 15 y/o Male from the USA
Before you send me a FR or a TR, here are the requirements.

➤Must be an actual friend of mine
➤Must know me either personally or online through voice communication
➤I want to keep my friends list clean so I only accept people I know and trust
➤Spamming FR's will result in a Block

➤All Trades must be fair game (Break Even Minimum)
➤No Lowballs (Sending a Small for lots of Bigs)
➤Lowballing will result in a Block
➤Must have experience trading
➤Must be atleast 1 month old for your trade to be considered (Don't want alt spamming, bots, etc.)
➤No scamming, attempting to scam = insta-block and report to staff


Dylan i don't got no vans, but i'm off the wall

wiktorwiktor12 Hi I'm wiktorwiktor12 and I'm not anonymous. Strange isn't it? I'm also the guy who came up with "The Online Playground" Slogan.

Harm á… 
á… á… 
á… á… 
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á… á… 

lel :ok_hand:

King `brick-hill+0be22a`

theshakeitgamer Duterte is gay

River brick-hill+a182f9

Red Hey I'm Red! You wanted to know
facts about me? here you go!

[1] I'm the 71st user on here!

[2] I'm a beta tester!

[3] I've been playing since April, I am an old player.

8 Bit kek

Philip J Fry Yolo all

Doggo Hello and welcome to my profile
There's few things i have to say here (updating it whenever i feel like it)
- If you gonna trade me please massage me (make sure the offer is good enough)


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