Ultra Dash Racing
This game is apart of Cylinder Search: The Scrambled Cylinders Round 2.

Race like you've never raced before!

You can see your best time by typing /stats in chat
View the top 8 times by typing /lb in chat

Using speed glitches or cheating to get on the leaderboards is NOT allowed! If you see someone with an abnormal time, or catch them in the act, make a recording of it and message me.

If you plan on getting a Personal Best of below 10 seconds on Ultra Dash Racing's Hill Plains map, you MUST send me video proof that DOES NOT use any speedglitches or other trickery. If you do not, the record will be removed from the leaderboard (you'll keep your personal best time, it just wont show up on the leaderboard)

Download the client here:

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Genre: Racing

Also, make sure to click the star, or else!
Created: 2017/10/23
Updated: 2020/06/05
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