[UPDATE] Selector Project
Special event: https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread/584086/

Patch notes:
Score bubbles have been added! Collect them to gain score which will be turned into points when a new map is loaded
Total number of points can by checked by the /stats commands
Currently, points can be spent on 1 item on the /store
Brick-Stream has been added to the game and changes low constant FPS to variable (mostly) high FPS!
The selector will now not select the same map again when loading a new map!

Selector Project is a collection of various Brick Hill places to explore and collect orbs in!

6 Places to explore and 18 orbs to collect!
Submit places here!: https://brk-files.weebly.com/host.html

/store - Buy boosters with points and orbs! (only 1 boost atm)
/stats - View stats!

Selector Project was created for users that can build but can't host servers

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Created: 2017/10/11
Updated: 2020/04/05
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