Sniper-Tower (ALPHA)
(the map isn't finished, and it will be updated daily)

To respawn say /respawn

(How to play?:)
Ppl just PVP by using a scripted gun. I would recommend u use the first view to shoot, Bullets (yellow bricks) that will go from u arent that fast but they have a long-range (You can shoot 2-1 bullet and then wait few seconds to reload) This game doesn't have any teams for now but (May be added)

(Some bugs:)
1)You can be stuck in the walls (Just respawn by saying /respawn in the chat)
2) Bullets may not contact the player hitbox on the low range
3) You may jump higher by using bullets
4) Reload may get under -30 (IDK how to fix that lol)
Created: 2018/11/23
Updated: 2021/06/24
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