(longest Obby on brick-hill!) Bloxy Obby 45 Stages - 1K Visits!
Recent changes:
6 new stages, checkpoints, kill brick stages.

Brick count: 707

Join my discord: https://discord.gg/bxtxa28

!!!Built by Bright Zack and me!!!

45 stages of fun! I just added checkpoints so now it is a lot easier!

Can't play? brick-hill.com/client/

first person to ever beat this was the user Stron

Runs better with ty’s client and it’s more fun with less lag so I recommend downloading it.

If you record a video of you beating the obby on Ty's client in under 8 minutes, upload it to youtube, and send it to me on discord ill give you bucks. lmao.
Created: 2020/09/24
Updated: 2020/10/25
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