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Build Plots
+The build indicator is now a local brick and does not appear for other players.
+Added /visibility! Now you can place transparent bricks down!
+LARGER PLOTS! The plot size is now 100x100 studs.
+Another plot so 9 people can now be in game at once!

Use the number keys to select a tool, and click to use them. Chat "/help" for a list of commands.

Players who own the /model T-Shirt can use the command /model to place bricks with models of tools, heads, or hats. The T-Shirt can be found at:

Players who own the Invisible T-Shirt of Game Breaking will get a doubled brick limit. That T-Shirt can be found at:

This originally used a modified version of SmartLion's bbtools script.
Created: 2020/07/05
Updated: 2021/10/15
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