Build Plots
[Update: 2020-08-12]
~unreverted the rewrite but changed some stuff, if you still get collision bug on loading, try placing a block and then loading your save

Use the number keys to select a tool, and click to use them. Chat "/help" for a list of commands you might find useful.

Players who own the /model T-Shirt can use the command (you guessed it, /model) to change the model of bricks they placed to the hats, tools, and heads. The T-Shirt can be found at:

Players who own the Invisible T-Shirt of Game Breaking will get a doubled brick limit. That T-Shirt can be found at:

This uses a modified version of SmartLion's bbtools script. (well not exactly as i rewrote the scripts but its close enough)
Created: 2020/07/05
Updated: 2020/08/14
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