Tower of Account Age
This contains about 500 bricks and takes longer than it should to load in.

+Split the small tower because of membership changes.
+Didn't remove the mint level though
+Made hat models appear better
-Probably broke some stuff

Score is account age in days.

The Regular Tower requires a 2019 account. Each level up this tower requires an account made the year before the last.

The Small Tower requires a Brick Hill Membership. Bottom level is Ace, top level is Royal

The Mint Box is only for users who had or still have a Mint membership.

The Green Tower requires 100 value. (on Each level up this tower requires 10 times the value as the last.

The White Box is entirely luck. When you join the set, you have an approximately 1/1000 chance to be randomly allowed in.

The Pink Box requires being a Brick Hill admin or moderator.

The Gold Box requires having the Brick Saint award.

Thanks to Moor for doing the interior of the tower!
Created: 2020/05/26
Updated: 2020/08/13
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