[CHALLENGE] 20 Stages of Hell
Yes, they are ALL possible. I went through the hell of beating each one individually, except ones that would be too hard (still possible), or would give away how to do them.

I've compiled a YouTube video of me beating each one individually. Watch it here: youtu.be/xvVICJYU9pU

The first 5 users to get the score of 1337 legitimately were:
- Square (on film)
- Enderspearl184 (on film)
- ImLoverChicken
- AnimatorBlu
- Railway
Congrats to them!

The first user to beat every stage in under 100 deaths will get any special worth 600 bucks or under.

Any% speedrun record is
13 seconds by flycatcher, watch here:
Created: 2019/11/11
Updated: 2021/04/15
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