Mirando Beach
Mirando Beach was going to be a massive city populated with nothing but skyscrapers.

This was been a work in progress, started May 2019. Chances are it'll never reach full completion.

Timelapses of most of the structures are on my YouTube channel, found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLjI1h7kLURRJf7pEjjbUTQ

Probably has the most bricks on any single *handmade* game on Brick Hill, at over 9400, but I'm not entirely sure about that claim.

Four skyscraper blocks
The park & beach
Redo two/three skyscrapers
Redo roads
Add streetlights, power lines, etc.

Brick Count: 9431
The thumbnail may not be accurate.

Can't play? Download the client here:

Game Genre: Hangout, Showcase
Created: 2019/04/19
Updated: 2021/07/30
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