Element Neon
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07:16 PM 23/05/2020
Transfering bits from shirt sales is not forbidden right?
(another question, transfering bits from activity is forbidden?)

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07:43 PM 23/05/2020
Transferring into bucks? if so you can do it

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07:44 PM 23/05/2020
i heard transferring money isn't bad

[im] Square
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12:07 AM 24/05/2020
Depends on the context

If you got your bits from an alternative account’s daily stipend (the money you get from logging in everyday) then that’s bannable
If you were to transfer the bits from your alt’s clothing sales or place visits, it’s a perfectly valid reason to do so, so go ahead

I hope this clears it up for you

Element Neon
Joined 18/03/2020
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08:36 AM 24/05/2020
ye tysm