How can you become a moderator

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07:03 AM 23/05/2020
Is brickhill hiring or not i really want to know if so and what are the requirements

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07:04 AM 23/05/2020
You don't become a mod, that's not how it works

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07:56 AM 23/05/2020
Maybe a petition?


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09:14 AM 23/05/2020

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Quote from Nicolito , 09:14 AM 23/05/2020
Yes or space will message you if your very helpful, active and well known if you want to become moderator

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01:12 PM 23/05/2020
apply at the email address or ask spacebuilder on discord

But apparently he’s also just picking people without interviewing so just be a good person or whatever yasin was xdd

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06:54 PM 25/05/2020
what is the brick hill discord

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Quote from telaxtra , 06:54 PM 25/05/2020
what is the brick hill discord
This is not the post to ask this and there is a pinned post on the brick hill hub saying it