Step by step how to host?

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I can't open the node hill template...

[YT] The Windows 10
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Quote from SmartLion , 08:02 AM 21/05/2020
no idea what Element Neon is saying
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Note: This tutorial was made for windows 10 but might work on other OSes like linux or even chromebook/mac with other steps

Many don't understand that port forwarding is really easy
Port forwarding is required for people to join your server
Just look up "How to portforward minecraft server" but replace all 25565 mentioned with 42480 instead
Once you have done that then you can install node-hill and run it

1: Download and install node.js which is what node-hill runs under
2: Download and extract the node-hill template
3: Open the node-hill template folder and type cmd in the address bar of the file explorer window then press enter
This will open up command prompt in the directory
Oh it was made for me how nice

[YT] The Windows 10
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Linux OS is my alt and my account called the Macintosh got banned

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