hello im new

[build] Jastonxtreme
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08:23 PM 10/02/2019
hi! im jastonxtreme im new here anyone have any tips?

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08:24 PM 10/02/2019
Don't eat chicken.

[Forum] Iqra
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08:24 PM 10/02/2019
Welcome to Brick Hill

[ratyt] ratatooie
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08:26 PM 10/02/2019
Be nice to everyone here, follow the rules, and have fun!

If you don't know about the Forum Rules check them here: https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread/1/

Terms: https://www.brick-hill.com/terms (It's a lot to read but you should anyway)

[ratyt] ratatooie
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08:27 PM 10/02/2019
Also don't be afraid to ask me for help if you need some.