An Issue With The Client (?)

[BrkH] zeeb
Joined 23/09/2018
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05:08 PM 10/02/2019
I recently downloaded the BrickHill client so I could play some games. However, every time I attempt playing a game, I get the message "Unable to authenticate your user, please reconnect". Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it?

(yes I am a noo

[GAMER] bricklander
Joined 03/06/2018
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05:11 PM 10/02/2019
log off and log in again

[BrkH] zeeb
Joined 23/09/2018
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05:16 PM 10/02/2019
I have tried that already, is there any other solution?

[ratyt] ratatooie
Joined 28/03/2017
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08:24 PM 10/02/2019
Okay so tell me

What version of Windows do you have (if you own windows) 64-bit or 32-bit?

Or are you on an OS that isn't windows?

[BrkH] zeeb
Joined 23/09/2018
Posts 15
02:43 AM 16/02/2019
I've got Windows 10, and now the client works. However, my avatar does not load when I join a game.