[Pewds] d a r k
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07:52 AM 09/02/2019
why i cannot see my crate?

[BBC] King Leonidas
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10:03 AM 09/02/2019
That's a bug at the moment, happens for me too, not sure about EVERYONE though, I think it may be though.

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12:16 PM 09/02/2019
Press Control F5 on your profile page and you can see your crate again. You can't do it on phone btw.

[Pewds] d a r k
Joined 27/01/2019
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12:32 PM 09/02/2019
i cannot see my crate when i pressed f5 im also on a laptop

[ratyt] ratatooie
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08:36 PM 10/02/2019
Press CTRL + F5 while on your profile page.