Does Anyone Know How To Test Games Through The Workshop?

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07:54 PM 25/03/2020
When I Click On The Button To Connect To The Game, It Shows The Waiting For Server GUI Then It Says That It 'Can't Connect to Server' Anyone Know What's Wrong?

[haha] Sarcastic
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07:55 PM 25/03/2020
I asked about this a bit ago and someone said there was a security problem involving that feature. I think it'll be good in the new client.

If you're wondering, the new client is fabled to be finished by the Egg Hunt (we have an egg hunt every year).

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07:57 PM 25/03/2020
Ok. It's cool that we're finally getting a new client!

[GMBH] SmartLion
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08:47 PM 25/03/2020
you need to get a local node-hill server up to play test

[im] Square
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09:44 AM 26/03/2020
Gotta use node hill or something

If you ask me it’s not worth it and you’re better off just hosting your game then going through all the trouble of trying to test to see if it looks good for just yourself