Can I become a mod?

[ㄒ卄丨匚匚] Cataloop
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09:21 AM 25/03/2020
There are so many players that are violating the rules in this game/site.
The most common rule that most of them violate is the 3rd or 4th rule which is kind to others and do not swear.
I'm gonna ban them for:
3 days - If she/he violates the rules
a week - if he/she does it again month - if he/she does it for the 3rd time.
permanent - If he/she doesn't stop doing it

I wanna ban this people to teach them a lesson so that they wont do it again.

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09:21 AM 25/03/2020

[ㄒ卄丨匚匚] Cataloop
Joined 16/03/2020
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09:22 AM 25/03/2020
1 month- if he/she does it for the 3rd time

[im] Unstoppable
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09:23 AM 25/03/2020
ok cool then

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12:16 PM 25/03/2020
Nope You're Too "Responsible"

[im] Square
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02:05 PM 25/03/2020
If you read the rules, you would realize that cussing is allowed

“The following content is strictly prohibited across all boards:

Hate, bullying or prejudice.
Sexually explicit content or material.
Use of illegal substances or alcohol.
Publishing private information.
All offsite links must adhere to the ToS.
Although we value your opinions, we believe there are limits and everyone has the right to stay safe and enjoy Brick Hill.”

You are also allowed to cuss, as long as you don’t abuse your privileges.

There aren’t any staff openings as far as I’m concerned but you could still ask spacebuilder for an interview on their discord server if you’d like to try